About Us

Town & Country Ceramic Tile has been in business for over 50 yrs. Located in Rockland County in Suffern, New York, close to both Bergen and Orange County.
The business and the building were created by Irv Berns, who is an architect and was influenced by the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright. You will see the influence captured in Town and Country’s showroom with floor to ceiling windows and the multi-level cantilevered space. This enables you to see the warehouse from the showroom.
Town & Country has supplied most of the tile in the homes throughout Rockland County, Orange County, along with parts of Bergen County.
Town & Country’s focus is with residential customers, contractors and high-end decorators. The employees have over a hundred and twenty-five years of staff experience along with two in house decorators to fulfill all your design needs.
Town & Country is a direct to factory distributor and recommends installers. Town & Country also is a direct supplier of American made tiles and focuses its sales in that direction. Most of our porcelain tiles are made in the USA, certified Green and made of recycled material. Our main supplier is Florida Tile, which has manufacturing facilities in Kentucky.

Founded in 1968, Town & Country Ceramic Tile, Inc. is the largest tile distributor in Rockland County. We have a 18,000 sq ft facility. Unlike the big box stores who carry mostly mill ends, irregulars or discontinued items, the variations we display will be around and will continue to be around for some time.
The showroom has many in stock items that are available for immediate use. Our special order items are usually available within two weeks or less.
Our sales team has an in-depth background and the experience necessary to help you make the right selection. You will always be treated in a professional manner.
We have sales designers that have been with Town and Country for over three decades. We offer design advice and services from the inception of your project, to the completion of the job.